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WAVE Parallel Bible (Nugget builds)

  • Has fixes for iOS 10 (especially fixing the Hebrew characters that iOS 10 wrecked).
  • Fixes a crashing bug when entering words in the MSS panel quickly.
  • Adds the ability to link words to a nugget from words that are up to 4 verses before and 4 verses after the Nugget verse. When you are in editing mode now, you will notice that you can scroll off the Nugget verse and not be forced out of edit mode.
  • Bookmarks have been fixed. (Bookmarks are the 3rd button from the left on the top bar.
Build 38
4th New Version
Take these 3 steps to download it:

1. Backup
  • Press Share button & select Backup to WAVE
  • Make a note of your username and password. (To get them, press the button with your name on it then press View User.)
  • Delete WAVE Bible.

2. Download
  • Open this web page on your iPad.
  • Press the Download button above.
  • On the dialog that is presented, press Install. (Exit Safari and wait for icon to fill in.)

3. Restore
  • Press the WAVE Bible icon.
  • Press the "(your name here)" button, say Yes you have a username, enter your username and password and press Verify and wait for all the Versions to download.
  • Press Share button & select Restore from WAVE

Note 1: If you forget to write down your username and password, let me know and I'll get them for you.

Note 2: If you can't edit your own Nuggets, that means you forgot to do the last item in step #3--Restore from WAVE. After you do that step, you see the word "Editable" next to each of your Nugget verses in the Index panel that pops up when you press the * button on the bottom bar.
Build 37
3rd New Version

  • Added Mark UBS3 data in the Manuscripts panel.
  • Included a fix for a Hebrew touch crash bug when creating nuggets.
  • Included a fix for proper highlighting of Greek & Hebrew search result inflections.
Build 36
2nd New Version

  • Added Matthew UBS3 data in the Manuscripts panel.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Nugget Authors from seeing their name in the Editable Nuggets they have Authored.
Build 35
1st New Version

  • Added the Nugget Author's name to Nugget title bar.
  • Added a show/hide checkbox to each Nugget word.
  • Fixed the crash bug when entering a Nugget with empty Manuscript cells (e.g. Eph 2:11 and Eph 2:13 nugget 4)
  • Fixed the Nugget word parsings to show the lexical forms rather than the inflected forms.
  • Fixed <g>…</g> and <h>…</h> to show Greek and Hebrew correctly in word notes.
  • Fixed extraneous \ characters when using quotes (") in Nugget word Notes.
  • Fixed it so the Parsing Dialog is not shown after each Greek/Hebrew word that is added to the Nugget phrase.
  • Fixed when you go into edit mode, the current Nugget used to get deselected, now it stays selected.
  • Fixed it so you can add English word(s) that are in the previous or next verse to your Nugget.
  • Fixed it so touching anywhere in the next verse, scrolls to that verse.
  • Fixed it so there is enough room for the word meaning “transgressions" in Eph 2:1 to fit.
Build 34
Original version.

Your iPad mini4 arrived with this version of WAVE Parallel Bible installed on it.
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