WAVE Study Bible

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WAVE Parallel Bible

Easy enough for Grandma
  • Fast
  • Simple to use
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Doesn't require Internet
  • Shows you how to study the Bible

Browse to any point in the Bible
Deep enough for Exegesis
  • Includes 345,000 Cross References
  • Includes a Topical Verse Collection
  • Simple access to the Greek & Hebrew
  • Quick searches & English Word Studies
  • Quick searches & Greek & Hebrew Word Studies

Browse to any point in the Bible
Explains Why Bible Translations Differ
  • Free with the app:
    • Greek NT
    • KJV
    • NET
    • GOD'S WORD
  • Available to purchase:
    • Hebrew OT
    • NASB
    • NKJV
    • ESV
    • NIV
    • NIrV
    • NLT
    • The Message

Browse to any point in the Bible

"I have downloaded WAVE Parallel Bible, and I'm very impressed. I find the app to be sleek, user-friendly, and very powerful. I'm amazed at how well it runs on my iPhone."

Dr. Daniel E. Kim
Old Testament Professor
Talbot School of Theology

"I am puzzled that this is not the most talked about Bible app around. I've spent nearly a thousand bucks on awesome Bible software, but often I use this instead because of it's simplicity! This is a powerful app & I hope it never changes it's simple interface."

iTunes Review

"Thanks for the great app--it is by far the fastest, the easiest and the most useful Bible app I know. I use it all the time in reading through the Bible in English as well as in the Original languages. It is just awesome."

Yoh Shirato

"I've been recommending WAVE Parallel Bible to all those under my spiritual direction. The Greek subtexts are unmatched. I have been looking for an analytical concordance and this is better. Excellent."

Father Paul Waisanen
Greek Orthodox Church Pastor


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(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Current Development
The Next Version
Will tie the words of the English translations to the words of the original language using a new intuitive approach. Due out this year (2016).
Why Call it WAVE?
Walking with God and surfing an ocean wave are surprisingly similar. When you ride an ocean wave you can't go anywhere you want to go. A wave is going in a definite direction and carries the potential for a great ride in that direction. The more you study the wave and cooperate with it, the better your ride is.

In the same way God has a purpose and direction for our life that promises great blessing. To get the most out of it, we need to study, understand, and cooperate with what God is doing. Read WAVE Parallel Bible like a surfer rides a wave.
iPad Support
When you rotate your iPhone or iPad to landscape you can see multiple Bible translations at one time. To change the number of columns, pinch your fingers in and out horizontally. To change the font size, pinch your fingers up and down vertically. In the picture below, 8 columns of a 12pt font are showing: The Original, NASB, ESV, NIV, NET, GOD'S WORD, NET, and MESSAGE on an iPad.

Note: whenever you don't want to display a particular Bible version, just touch the Versions button (4th button on the top bar) then touch the On button of the version you want to turn Off. In the picture below, the KJV has been turned off for this configuration.
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Printing Verses
It is possible to go to the Share button at the bottom left of the screen and press "Email Verse" to email the current verse to yourself, then print that email. But when you try and print that email, with its black background and colored background for the verses, you waste a lot of ink and cause the verses to be difficult to read.

Rather, you will get better results from copying the passage then pasting it in a word processor or an email document. To copy one passage:

  1. Navigate to the 1st verse in the passage
  2. Press the share button in the lower left
  3. Press "Copy Verse"
  4. Slide the slider horizontally until the entire passage is included
  5. Press the Select button
  6. Open your word processor and touch and hold a spot in your document until the menu pops up
  7. Press the "Paste" option.

If you want to print a number of verses, first create a Verse Collection study, then copy/paste it into a word processor or email document.

To create a Verse Collection study...
  1. Press the Study button which is the 2nd button from the left on the bottom bar
  2. Press the '+' button on the bottom bar
  3. Press "New Verse Collection"
  4. Press the "Continue" button on the bottom bar
  5. Navigate to your verse
  6. Press the '+' button on the bottom bar
  7. Press the back button that is in the middle left of the screen to go back to the Verse Collection
  8. Repeat steps ? - ? until all your verses are entered.

To copy/paste the Verse Collection...
  1. Open the bottom study panel and touch your Verse Collection so you are looking at your list of verses
  2. Press the share button at the lower left of the screen
  3. Press "Copy Verse Collection" and press OK on the dialog that is shown after your see Surfer Joe
  4. Open your word processor and touch and hold a spot in your document until the menu pops up
  5. Press the "Paste" option.

If you do all the steps above while your device is in the portrait orientation, you will only be copying and pasting the single Bible version that is currently showing. If, however, you rotate your device to the landscape orientation, you will be copying and pasting your verses in each Bible version that you currently have set "ON" in the Versions panel. If you want to turn off a particular Bible version:

on the iPad...
  1. Press the Versions button (4th button from left on the top bar)
  2. Touch the on/off button for that version.

on the iPhone...
  1. Swipe right beyond your last Bible version to the Versions Panel
  2. Touch the on/off button for that version.
Font Sizing
You are able to independently set the size of the Bible font when it is in portrait or landscape orientation. In portrait orientation you simply pinch your fingers on the screen and adjust the font until the desired size is reached.

In landscape orientation pinching changes two different things: either it changes the number of columns being viewed or changes the font size. If you pinch horizontally so your fingers are moving left and right as they pinch, you adjust the number of columns. If you pinch vertically so your fingers are moving up and down as they pinch, you change the font size while in landscape orientation.
Greek Parsing
Just touch a Greek word (or Hebrew word if you have the Hebrew Old Testament) and the word's parsing, lexical form, and shorter meaning is displayed. At that point you are also presented with a Search button that will return all the verses that include that word (any inflection). Then using the Save Search button (Share button > Save Search) you can convert the search results to a Verse Collection and add titles to each verse and email your results.
Greek Searches
WAVE provides unparalleled access to the Original languages. You are able to touch a word in the Original panel and see its meaning and parsing. Then just press the Search button and all the verses that include that lexical root are presented to you in the bottom panel. Just touch the verse to go there. Just swipe the top panel sideways to see how other Bible versions translated that word.
Greek Alphabet
It is amazing how much difference it makes to just learn the Greek or Hebrew alphabet so you can pronounce the words in the Original. Yes they are funny looking letters at first. But if you just play with it, you can pick that up with a minimum of effort. WAVE has provided a way you can see the letters drawn and practice drawing the letters and listening to the sounds they make.

To play with the Greek or Hebrew alphabets, just go to a verse in the New Testament (or in the Old Testament if you have the Hebrew Old Testament) and touch a word. Then press the Alphabet button and you will see a list of each letter in the two languages. Touch a letter and you will see it being drawn. Use your finger and draw over top of the drawing to practice learning how to write the letter. Press the Speaker button at the bottom to hear it pronounced and press the Info button at the bottom to learn more about the letter.

Video Tour (previous version)

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Advanced Topics
HTML Notes
When you enter the data for a Note or for the Note on a FLCR Bible Study you can either enter straight text or HTML. If you want your entry to be treated as HTML, just make sure the first few characters are an HTML tag (e.g. <b>). Then the whole note will be interpreted as HTML. Here are come common tags you might want to use:

  • <b> ... </b> Bold
  • <i> ... </i> Italic
  • <u> ... </u> Underline
  • <p> ... </p> Paragraph
  • <ol> <li> ... </li> <li> ... </li> </ol> Ordered List (with numbers), List Item, List Item
  • <ul> <li> ... </li> <li> ... </li> </ul> Unordered List (with bullets), List Item, List Item
Jump to Version
There are a couple of ways you can go directly to a Bible version rather than scrolling horizontally until you get there. The first is to touch the version's dot in the pager. Do you see the 4 or more dots beneath the Bible panel that shows you have several more Bible versions? If you want to go directly to the Original panel, just touch the 1st dot. Admittedly you have to get good at targeting with your fingertip, but it does work and can save you time.

The other way is to go to the Versions panel and touch the left side of the Bible Version you want to go to. On the iPad, bring up the Versions popup by touching the Versions button on the top bar. Then just touch the Version you want to go to and it will take you there. On the iPhone, go to the Versions panel which is the last panel all the way to the right. Touch the left side of the Version you want to go to and it will take you there.
Scroll One Verse
A very convenient way to scroll one verse forward is to briefly touch the next verse. That will automatically scroll the Bible forward by one verse. To scroll backward, briefly touch the previous verse.
Draw Greek Letters
One of the best ways to become familiar with Greek or Hebrew letters is to learn to write them. WAVE has an Alphabet tool that shows you how to draw each letter of Greek and Hebrew. As you see the letter drawn, you can use your finger to draw the letter right over the letter that is being drawn. Your letter will be drawn with blue ink.

To get to the Alphabet tool, first move to a location in the New Testament like John 1:1. Then swipe to the left until you see the Original Language panel and touch a Greek word. Then press the Alphabet button. Touch a letter like Alpha and the system will draw it for you. Use your finger and try and draw the letter right on top of the system's letter. For more information about the letter, press the Info button at the bottom. To hear the letter pronounced, press the speaker button at the bottom.
Bug: iOS10 Incompatibilities, new Release Coming
Version 10 of iOS was delivered on 09/05/2016 and when WAVE users started upgrading they discovered a number of backward compatibility bugs in this version of iOS (see the last paragraph for the history).

Broken: The Bible Study tool and the Note tool is unable to receive data to enter new Facts, Lessons, Challenges, and Responses. When you enter a space, the app crashes. Apple did not make the services these entry panels rely on backwardly compatible.

Broken: The iPad Search Bar causes crashes on this level of iOS.

Broken: On the iPhone's Versions column, the switches that turn on or turn off a Bible version are all stuck in the off position even though all Bible versions are visible. These stuck switches do not respond to touches and so you can not turn off any of the Bible versions.

Broken: Hebrew displays incorrectly. Black character cells occur in place of certain characters (see image below). After research I have a pretty good idea what is happening. Let me try and explain it.

The solid black character cells only occur on specific combinations of letters. These appear to be: aleph + patach, aleph + qamets, and yod + hireq. The solid black character cells are what iOS writes to the screen for every character it tries to write but can not find a glyph (picture) for that character code in the font.

Some background: most character codes in a font contain a glyph (picture) for a single character like an aleph or a hireq. But some extended character codes are reserved for character combinations that often occur together like aleph + patach. In a character cell like this, it will have a glyph that includes the picture of both characters and they will be perfectly centered under each other.

Before iOS 10, it was up to the programmer which character code to choose: two codes of individual characters that may not be perfectly centered, or one code that has a glyph that includes both character pictures perfectly centered. iOS 10 appears to be converting common pairs of single characters to the appropriate extended character code that should picture both of the characters together. The problem is that not all Hebrew fonts implement these extended character codes and iOS 10 is not checking to see if there is a glyph for the code before trying to display it. So iOS 10 displays the default black character box for those combinations indicating that the font does not have a glyph for the specified extended character code.

The solution to the problem is for me to fill in the extended character codes in the font with glyphs that do picture the required Unicode character combinations which will require a new release through the app store. I will continue to assess the quickest path to a new release with this fix in it. But until a fix is available to you, keep in mind a couple of things.

1. The parsing and lexical meaning is available to you and it is accurate.
2. Searches still work and are accurate.
3. The blocked out character cell will either be aleph + patach, aleph + qamets, or yod + hireq.

In short, the data is still there and can be used providing you can ignore how horrible it looks to have black character blocks scattered throughout the otherwise beautiful Hebrew script.

History: Apple has diverted from its traditional emphasis on backward compatibility which has kept WAVE running so well for these 7 years while the team delivers new versions as they are ready. Now Apple has shifted to relentlessly pushing its users to update their iOS versions and App versions to the newest levels and not building backward compatibility into their software. In this new approach, they are forcing everyone to stay within 2 versions of the newest iOS or things stop working. In the current case only versions 8, 9, and 10 of iOS are considered reliable.

The Fix:

I will spare you the details but the process of moving from front-line development to preparing the app for release through the app store is a long one and usually takes a month or so.

If you would like to be notified when the fix is available in the App Store use the "Ask Us" tab on the left and drop us a note.

The Intimidation:

The most recent strong arm tactic employed by Apple for intimidating everyone to move to their newest iOS version rather than Apple building backward compatibility is the following message that just started appearing when you run the current version of WAVE (see image below).

Keep in mind that there is no truth to the message whatsoever. The current version of WAVE runs just as fast on iOS 10 with all its bugs as it did on iOS 9 and does not slow down other apps. The only purpose of the message is to disguise the fact that Apple has abandoned building backward compatibility and to attempt to blame others for its new policy.
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Bug: Purchase does not Complete Properly when iTunes Asks You to Verify Payment Information
iTunes has changed some of the calls it uses to talk to WAVE. Normally when you make a purchase you do not encounter these calls and the purchase proceeds properly. But if you haven't verified your purchase information with iTunes recently, these calls are used and the purchase does not complete properly.

If this happens to you, press the "Ask Us" tab on this web page and let us know and we will fix that on your account. We just need the Bible translation you were buying and your username and we will complete the purchase properly and the next time you use WAVE the translation will automatically be downloaded to you with a progress bar.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but keep in mind this bug only happens for the unusual case in which you have not verified your purchase information for a long while.
Bug: Migrating Purchases
Some users report when they upgrade to the new version, their previous purchases were not automatically retained. We are tracking down a defect in the migration code that is defeating the smooth transition I intended for you. I am repairing the defect and then will submit it to Apple as a new release. The new release will only help people who haven't migrated yet.

For everybody else, there is a simple workaround that will recover all your purchases and get you going with the new version right away. Take the following steps:

  1. Make a note of your username and password then delete the WAVE app from your device.
  2. Go to the app store, search for WAVE Study Bible, and download it again.
  3. Press the "(your name here)" button and enter your username and password and press the Verify button.

Your purchases will be immediately downloaded and you'll be good to go. If you can not remember your password, use the link at the very bottom of this page that says "Contact Us" and write me with your username and I will look it up for you.
Bug: Loss of Buttons on Bottom Bar
This is a known bug we are working on that happens on certain machines during low memory conditions. The workaround is to exit the app, remove the app from memory, then relaunch the app.

To remove the app from memory,

  1. Double click the physical Home button that is at the bottom of your iPhone or iPad
  2. If you see pictures of screens of several apps you have recently used, swipe sideways until WAVE Parallel Bible is in the center and swipe it vertically out of the list. Then press the Home button again and you are done.
  3. If you just see icons along the bottom of the screen, swipe them sideways until you see WAVE Parallel Bible.
  4. Touch and hold the icon for WAVE Parallel Bible down until all the icons start jiggling.
  5. Press the x in the upper left corner of the WAVE Parallel Bible icon and confirm that you want to delete that program from memory.
  6. Press the physical Home button again to get all the icons to stop jiggling.
Cross References
If the verse you are looking at does not have any CrossRefs, change to other verses nearby and see if the CrossRefs show up for them. Not every verse has CrossRefs. For example, John 1:1 has CrossRefs and John 1:2 does not. When your current verse does not have CrossRefs there will be no Icon in the Study Panel for CrossRefs so you don’t have to touch it to find out there are none for that verse.
At the very bottom of every web page is a small link to Contact Us. You can click that link and a new email document will pop up that has been addressed and is ready for you to enter your feedback. When you send it to us we'll respond asap.

Free from Apple's App Store
WAVE Parallel Bible

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(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

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