WAVE Study Bible

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WAVE Parallel Bible™
with WAVELinks
to the Greek/Hebrew™

"I downloaded nearly every Bible in the app store, and WAVE Parallel Bible is the best. I use it all the time."
Nick Wethey
"WAVE Parallel Bible is free, very fast, has a Greek Bible, and you can tap on a Greek word and get a small word study. This is an awesome feature I haven't seen in any other Bible app."
iTunes Review by Srcii
"I've looked at the other apps available but none of them are as easy as WAVE Parallel Bible to swipe to switch translations (especially English to Greek), tap for dictionary/parsing on the Greek, or have as pretty colors :) WAVE's intuitive simplicity sets it apart from the rest."
David Papp
The Bibles are Organized
with meaningful colors

With the introduction of so many Bible translations, most people’s Bible experience has become fragmented. WAVE organizes the translations from left to right and aligns all the translations on the current verse to restore that sense of a unified Bible experience.

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WAVELinks to the Greek/Hebrew™
available by the book for $0.99
It has always felt like there is a huge wall between English Bible readers and the Bible's original Greek and Hebrew languages. After many years of development WAVELinks to the Greek/Hebrew™ are available so you can jump that wall.
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